Music Lessons

Welcome to Music Box music lessons

Learn to play Guitar, Keyboard, Piano, Bass or learn to sing from a trained professional in the music industry. Music Lessons for all.

About Your Teacher

Sasha has been teaching and performing for over 15 years. Sasha has taught in formal classroom setting for many years at National School of the Arts, Glenanda Primary and Campus Of Performing Arts (Kensington). Sasha writes her own songs and music and has produced her own album.

Sasha has produced and directed hit shows for the Barnyard Theatre and other smaller venues around Johannesburg. Sasha’s musical talent has taken her overseas to Dubai and Bahrain, where she was loved and always offered another contract. She is always in high demand as a performer. For the next few months she is performing every Friday and Saturday at Monte Casino. Sasha is a diverse musician who can performs as a lead vocalist, rhythm guitar, bass guitarist in a small acoustic solo or duo to a full rock band.

Formally Sasha has studied at the National School of the arts from age 16 and completed her N3 in Music (matric). She has completed her N6 in sound engineering and performance at the GSF Performing Arts Campus.

The School

Music Box operates out of a private residence in Kensington, Johannesburg offering music lessons to students of all ages.


Each lesson is 30 minutes per instrument once a week.

  • Four music lessons per month: R600
  • Eight music lessons per month: R1000

You have the option to take two or three instruments at a time. Many students enjoy for example a Guitar/Vocal combination.


Music lessons are available Monday to Friday until 6:30pm and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm.

Call Sasha
Directions to: 5 Leander Street, Kensington, Johannesburg